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At Mr Padel, we put the athlete first by utilizing knowledge and expertise to develop innovative, high-quality sportswear from a sustainable perspective. The company aims to combine technical expertise and proprietary design to produce stylish and functional sportswear that enhances the performance of padel players on the court. Our journey is to optimize sportswear and maximize athletic results.


The vision of Mr Padel Italy is to become the supplier of high-quality technical sportswear, not only in the Netherlands but worldwide. Mr Padel facilitates and supports athletes wherever possible in providing the most optimal sportswear.

Mr Padel and sustainable production.  

Mr Padel is a manufacturer of Padel clothing and manufactured in Italy but also works with manufacturers in Pakistan, Bangladesh and China.
We do everything we can to manufacture sustainably, but sustainability goes a long way.
Sustainability is a long road to take. 
It involves transparency, openness and commitment to the cause. It is not a straight road but full of bumps and bends and especially for producers of fabrics, it is a struggle to achieve. As we reach the summit, we now begin to witness and appreciate ready to wear fabrics. 
We at Mr. Padel work hard to achieve sustainability and to maintain it in our production process.  Upon purchasing a Mr Padel product, customers can themselves experience how Mr Padel propagates this in a stylish, yet responsible manner. 

We will continue to do our utmost to achieve and maintain a lower carbon footprint by switching to recycled fabrics and adopting sustainable procedures for all our products.  
Drytech polyester is adopted in our high quality line made from partially recycled materials with a percentage of at least 35%. We will endeavour to continually increase this percentage, taking it as close to 100% as possible. 
In wearing Mr Padel products, you are actively doing your part in helping lower the world’s carbon footprint. 

Thank you and have a Happy Padel Day!!
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